Amazonite Aromatherapy Bracelet

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Product Description

Named after the Amazon women warriors, Amazonite is an aesthetically soothing pastel blend of aquas, greens & natural shades of caramel. A strong energetic reminder that you should listen to your intuition, allow it to flow through you freely, filling your aura with confident and calming vibes to get you through each and every day. Encouraging love, promoting fertility & revealing truths in our everyday life. Amazonite is also a stone of renewal and new beginnings. 

Amazonite is said to help with breast, throat & thyroid problems. It is also beleived to assist in recovery after illnesses as well as focusing on maintaining your health and participating in healthy lifestyle habits.

Emotionally, Amazonite draws our focus back on yourself, when you are given the opportunity to kick self neglect to the curb, take it!

Let your femininity roam free and respect your body and your boundaries while you process any pent up anger in a postive manner to release these energies from your body and move forwards.

Amazonite is a strong stone that provides a layer of protection if directly placed between your self and electronics to prevent harmful electromagnetics reaching your body. 

Zodiac: Virgo

Chakra: Throat & heart

Essential Oils: Basil, mint, bergamont, patchouli, fennel, hyacinth

Candle Colour: Turquoise, aqua, lime, brown

Vibration: High

Mantra:  "I expect fair treatment and consideration from others."

Meditate with your bracelet in hand and Clarify your intentions by speaking your desires. Fill your room with your chosen scent & really pull together the perfect meditation environment. You can place your bracelet upon desired chakra whilst lying flat & concentrate on the mantra to inspire wise & positive change in all decisions your make. 

Activate your senses with essential oils for your intended use by placing a few drops onto your lava beads, rub in and let it soak in. Re-apply weekly or more often if you like. Remove by rinsing under running water.

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