Carnelian Aromatherapy Bracelet

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Product Description

Carnelian is known for being beneficial to our body's energetic field when it comes to IVF and fertility, as well as surgical recovery, menstrual pain and has been known to even give some relief if you are suffering from blood disorders. Carnelian is your wombs friend and may provide relief of menopausal symptoms, heart palpitations. Strengthening your root & sacral chakra, it can assist individuals with dispersing any fears associated with any intimate anxieties, and allows the wearer to adjust to parenthood with ease. 

Zodiac: Virgo and sagittarius

Chakra: Root and sacral

Candle Colour: Red

Meditate with your bracelet in hand and Clarify your intentions by speaking your desires. Fill your room with your chosen scent & really pull together the perfect meditation environment. You can place your bracelet upon desired chakra whilst lying flat & concentrate on the mantra to inspire wise & positive change in all decisions your make. 

Activate your senses with essential oils for your intended use by placing a few drops onto your lava beads, rub in and let it soak in. Re-apply weekly or more often if you like. Remove by rinsing under running water.

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