Native Australian Smudge Sticks are collected, wrapped and dried by us. You cannot buy these in bulk as we have supply only from whats on our property. Gum Trees come in many shapes and forms. Eucalyptus Strawberry Gum is what you will find here. And occasionally we will have a Rosemary Smudge in stock - you can pre order if you are in need. We only have a small Rosemary bush, time for it to regenerate is important. All smudges have been dried for at least 2 weeks and are ready to burn. 

Native Australian Eucalyptus Smudge Stick benefits:

- Strong Eucalyptus scent

- Purify toxins in air

- Clear stagnant energy

- Reduce congestion

- Cleanse space, objects & self

- Release tensions

- Uplifting & balancing for empaths and lightworkers


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2 of 2 Items