Fertility Aromatherapy Bracelet

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Product Description

Our Fertility crystal bracelet is designed for you to take advantage of alternative holistic crystal therapy as well as aromatherapy!

Our  sophisticated design combines the healing properties of 5 complimentay crystals that may boost your wombs energy and increase your fertility during natural or IVF process. Encouraging a loving, calm and open environment for your mind, body and spirit to embrace change within your physical body.

Moonstone - 6 - The number 6 in numerolgy represents the embodiment of the heart, unconditional love and the ability to support, nurture, and heal. Feminine strength passed down from this moon like stone is all you need to feel yourself. Moonstone is a high vibrational stone promoting connections with your higher self as well as reproductive health and wellbeing.

Rose Quartz - 2 - The number 2 in numerolgy represents a remarkablely feminine force of finesse & power. It is cooperative, always aiming to bring peace and balance back to a relationship or situation. Rose Quartz itself is the ultimate stone of unconditional love, your personal talisman when it comes to being prepared for receiving love in all forms and giving love in all forms.

Aquamarine - 4 -

Amazonite - 4 -

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