Here at Stone Tree we don't like our odd shaped or imperfect beads to go to waste, so we give them a new life by placing a select combination of beads into recycled glass jars. 

Each has lava beads inside so you can still add your essential oils and enjoy at a time that suits you. Securing your chosen scent and keeping it fresh all day long. 

Even though these beads did not pass our quality check they are still beaming with their own little vibrational energies. 

Bead Jars are great for school bags, hand bags or consoles in cars because they are so secure and can be put away near by when you are unable to enjoy them. 

Crystals love having aromatherapy oils on them, so don't be shy, grab yourself or your children a few of these little guys!


Always new combinations flowing through this section, so keep checking back for Newbies x 

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9 of 9 Items