Sea Rocks

Hand picked from our selection of rocks that include specimens of oceanic jasper, pink jaspers, chalcedony, coloured quartz and washed up pebbles with inspiriational patterns and markings. 

I tell myself that my rock collection is too big, Dom Stop.. lol so I get comfy & start to go through the colour co-ordinated sections, only to realise why I collected them and fall back in love with them all over again. I dont pick up just any rock from the sandy shores of the Gold Coast beaches in Australia, I find the flawed stones with pure character, the ones that shine brighter when they are wet by oceanic water than they do when they lay dry. Each rock carries it's own curious tale and I want you to be able to experience the same thoughtfulness when you hold you rocks in your hand, or line them up on your bench, or stash them in your car; I want others to appreciate the journey each stone experienced before arriving on the shore. Is it small because it used to be big and wore down over and over, crashing under wave after wave? Is it scratched deep because another rock collided with it, swirling in the ocean? How long was it in there? What did it go through to be what it is now?  To say sea rocks are strong, would be an understatement. Drawing strength & inspiration from such natural beauty is a solid part of my meditation process. 

So next time you have a moment to yourself, take your rocks and inspect their features, one by one. Practice an appreciation of life, of your lifes journey, how far you've come, how much strength it took, all that effort you put in to be here, all your scars, how the events in your life have shaped you, can you handle what's happening right now, how will you go on from here? 

Just like the rock you too are a powerhouse of pure strength. Train your mind to accept who you are, process your journey & inspire new ventures every damn day!

Smile because you too are allowed to exist imperfect, just as the sea rock does.

Package size 10+ rocks

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