Petrified Wood Aromatherapy Bracelet

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Product Description


The Stone Tree Bracelet is our signature fossilized tree stones which provide  wisdom, security and a sense of calm. Giving you grounding to help heal pain enacted on you from lives that have now past, heal your own past lives and heal your current family history, inspiring new interests into your family history.

History of Petrified Wood / Fossilized Wood / Stone Tree
Mother nature gave birth to trees; the circle of life took those trees and laid them to rest; and rainwater washed over them, again & again, mixing her natural minerals with those found in water to blend and finalise the petrification process of turning natures largest beauty into stone. Usually creating a crysalised quartz or agate.

What are the healing benefits of Petrified Wood/ Fossilized Wood / Stone Tree
The wisdom from these ancient stoned trees will flow through to your root & sacral chakras, opening your mind, giving you the strength to take on some of lifes burdens. Let yourself breathe and clear a path for you to overcome the burdens or barriers life presents you, knowing you are safe from negativity during any self healing because your Stone Tree Bracelet will absorb those bad energies.

Root chakra is our first chakra and relates to our souls connection with the earth and feeling safe and secure in your surroundings. Being grounded and supported - our Root chakra is the foundation of our lives. Located at the base of our spine.

Sacral chakra is our second chakra and relates to our souls connection with sensuality, creativity and our emotional selves. Being aware of the realms of our emotions. That they exist physchologically yet we feel them emotionally and let our sexuality in relationships with loved ones flow freely, including embracing our fantasies. Located just below the belly button.

Petrified Wood will create an aura of security that it is well known to naturally calm you. Keep this in mind when you are feeling any family related stressors. Know your stones natural energy is with you and focus on your intentions and then letting the calm vibrations wash over your entire body.

If you are feeling that life has stretched you thin, the Stone Tree oil diffusing lava bracelet will bring you down to Earth, allowing your mind and body to reset and regroup, ready to progress without any negativity holding you back.

Clear quartz crystals are known for clearing the mind of negativity whilst heightening spiritual receptiveness. They also amplify surrounding stones abilities, this means your natural petrified wood stones vibrational energies will be at their best.

We believe crystals as a healing tool should be used in conjunction with other healing methods. Every bracelet we hand craft comes with natures' own lightweight molten lava stones because we believe in combining a high-quality essential oil treatment with the crystals you wear every day to create a holistic experience. Add your choice of aromatherapy or essential oils for your intended use.

All our stones are 8mm in diameter. As stones are naturally occurring each one will vary slightly in colour, size, shade, shape and pattern, this is not unusual and is to be expected.
Healing crystals should be used to compliment other therapies and not as a replacement for medical care.


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