Work Your Light Oracle Cards

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Released 28th Feb 2021

Product Description

A beautiful oracle card deck from a bestselling spiritual teacher, designed to help you strengthen your intuition, hear your soul’s messages, connect with your purpose, and light up the world with your presence.

Spiritual teacher Rebecca Campbell knows better than most what it means to “work your light”. A bestselling author, mentor, and speaker, she has inspired many others to tune in to their truth and live a life that lights them up. Rebecca has created the Work Your Light Oracle Cards for those who are ready to hear the whispers of their soul and take action towards a life in alignment with their talents and dreams.

With stunning imagery from illustrator Danielle Noel, this deck comprises 44 cards in five suits:

  • Confirmation cards: Cards that give a clear black-and-white answer to your question
  • Action cards: Cards that give guidance on specific physical action
  • Soul inquiry cards: Cards that help you clearly hear the whispers of your soul
  • Activation cards: Cards that activate energies and healing within you
  • Transmission cards: Cards that act as initiations and transmissions to the energies that would be beneficial for your healing

This is not a passive card deck. It has been specially designed and channelled to spark action. Through working with this deck – either for yourself or your clients – you will find that your intuition increases, your soul’s voice gets louder and you acquire the confidence to share your light and beauty with the world.

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