Zebra Jasper Aromatherapy Bracelet

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Product Description

Improve life optimism & feel encouraged to listen to your our aspirations and achieve those wants and dreams you keep thinking are not important enough. They are! Zebra Jasper has a strong grounding energy and will keep you firmly planted in the here and now. Bringing together your masculine and feminine energies: your Yin & Yang.

Zodiac: Virgo

Chakra: Root

Mantra:  "I know everything has a reason"

Candle colour: Brown, black, grey

Scents: Anise, sagebrush, sweetgrass

Vibration: Low

Meditate with your bracelet in hand and Clarify your intentions by speaking your desires. Fill your room with your chosen scent & really pull together the perfect meditation environment. You can place your bracelet upon their chakra whilst lying flat & concentrate on the mantra to inspire wise & positive change in all decisions your make. 

Activate your senses with essential oils for your intended use by placing a few drops onto your lava beads, rub in and let it soak in. Re-apply weekly or more often if you like. Remove by rinsing under running water.

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