Holistic Counselling

What is holistic counselling? Holistic counselling is a gentle, non-invasive way of assisting people with recognising and accepting a problem and considering how to best move forward with relaxation, self learning techniques and therapies to suit your specific situation to improve how you perceive and react to future problems or changes in life. The goal is to provide you with appropriate holistic healing tools and therapies for you to practice throughout your life outside of these sessions. Taking into consideration your lifestyle, environment, psychology, mind, body and spirit. I do not provide medical advice, diagnosis or prescriptions. My role is to give you the opportunity to have a conversation that inspires freedom to achieve empowerment in your own life, with your own solutions and your own answer. “No body knows you like you do!”

Available Services:

Relaxation Counselling

Stress awareness, Stress Relieving Techniques and Personality Assessment 

Life Counselling 

Identify your life purpose to take action and evaluate goals

Social Relationship Counselling

Develop interpersonal skills to form bonds with others 

Self Esteem and Motivational Counselling

Rehabilitation of chronic conditions and addictions

Gestalt Therapy

Promoting presence in the present

Rogerian Therapy

Self Actualisation to achieve full potential

Narrative Therapy

Re Program negative thoughts


Therapy to determine and treat Psychosis

Crystal Therapy 

Mind Body Spirit healing, connecting, setting intentions and meditations

Colour Therapy 

Light and Colour environment healing and meditations

Art Therapy

Improve Autism Spectrum Disorder functioning, trauma, depression, addiction, grief, brain cognition, eating disorders. 


Essential Oil healing for mind and body

Tarot / Oracle / Affirmations Cards

Guidance and Initiative. Problem solving based on your energy projections

Dream Analysis

Interpretation of the Subconscious mind

Regression Therapy 

Reincarnation and Past Lives interpretations

Meridian Therapy

Cellular vital energy healing and Acupressure

Chakra Therapy

Body Mind Spirit alignment


Life Palm Reading

Spirit Guides

Communicating, Connecting with your Spirit Guides

Numerology and Astrology

Self and Universal Awareness. Intention setting. Charting your Zodiac

Dominique Bonavita holds a Diploma in Holistic Counselling completed with Distinctions in 2022 (aka Master Holistic Counsellor). Associate Member of Health and Harmony Colleges and Holistic Health Associates International.

You do not need a referral to make a no cost Initial Appointment.

Enter your details and a brief explanation of your concern. I will contact you by email with an Initial Appointment Form for you to complete and to book you in. The initial appointment does not cost because we need to ensure that you are comfortable with me and that I am a suitable option for you.