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Holistic. Healing. Handmade.


Hey I'm Dominique and I began my self healing journey in July 2019. I knew I had all the qualifications and know how to run my own online store, so I did just that. Several months later I quit my supermarket job to give my business a real chance, to put all of my available efforts into the business. Suffering with Fibromyalgia makes some days very hard, but just recently in Oct 2022 my life partner Amy excitedly quit her Full Time Job to devote her time to helping others heal, because the business had gotten too busy for just one human. We all live and work from home in Queensland, Australia with our beautiful daughter Nevada who you sometimes spot at a weekend Market! Our move from Tamworth to QLD in 2016 inspired me to follow my passion & creativity which led me to venture deeper into and share my love for natural therapies.
Now a qualified holistic counsellor. Completed Diploma in Holistic Counselling. We will be integrating some courses and counselling into the business here at Stone Tree Collection in 2023.
Dominique HH Dip (H.C)
Our Intention 
To support and empower others to heal naturally using holistic therapies, specifically crystal therapy and aromatherapy. 

The Name
Stone Tree evolved from my first crystal bracelet joy, Petrified Wood.

The pure magic of nature fills me every day, every plant, tree, flower. Nature takes over washing nutrient filled water over fallen trees for 100's of years until the exposure to the earths elements form a natural crystal or stone. Petrified Wood is untouched fallen trees that have been petrified (turned to stone) And so from my first crystal love, I decided the name Stone Tree was going to be born.


Our beads
We only use high quality crystals and stone because they are being used for everyday healing.  We sanitise & cleanse our crystals when they arrive and then again before they are sent to you, so that you can set your intentions easily. 
We use porous volcanic rock for soaking in our relaxing Crystal Oil Roller blends. Volcanic Rocks' holes are created in high temperatures where the volcanoe's natural gases bubble up and create this suprisingly lightweight rock, which we sometimes refer to as Lava. We do not oil our beads, you can purchase our Aromatherapy Blends here.


   Our Design

This is one of the most important things to us when it comes to making healing jewellery. We take pride in giving you the optimum amount of crystals in your bracelet so you can embrace crystal therapy as well as aromatherapy. You'll notice alot of my Range, style 2 Clear Quartz beads to assist amplify all your surrounding crystals energies!  Plus we offer Custom Designs


 Our Packaging

Reusable cotton pouch with drawstring protects your crystal bracelets. ecyclable + Biodegradable information cards. Printed + cut here by us using brown recycled card. We recycle by reusing any plastic packaging we receive, and are always ready with our sustainable paper packaging alternatives. We grab a pouch, pop your products in, pop your Crystal Information Cards in, wrap it up in brown packaging paper, tie a gorgeous bow from cotton string or festive ribbon, slip in some red, orange and yellow dried rose petals from my own garden, pop some protective packaging around that and pop him in  a box or sachet for postage.




Our handmade  crystal jewellery creations are your opportunity to embrace your best self.

Mentally, physically, spiritually + metaphysically



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