About Us

Holistic. Healing. Handmade.


I'm Dominique, I live in northern Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia with my beautiful daughter. Where my passion & creativity has allowed me to venture deeper into and share my love for natural therapies. Currently studying to become a holistic counselor HH Dip (H.C)
Our Intention
Empowering others to heal naturally through crystal therapy and aromatherapy.

The Name
Stone Tree evolved from my first crystal bracelet joy, Petrified Wood.

Mother nature gives us trees, plants & rain and then transforms them into stone also known as petrified wood. The pure magic of nature fills my heart to the brim. So much so the Stone Tree name was born.

Our beads
We only use high quality crystals and stone because they are being used for everyday healing.  
We sanitise & cleanse our crystals when they arrive and then again before they are sent to you, so that you can set your intentions easily. 

Our Design

This is one of the most important things to us when it comes to our designs. We take pride in giving you the optimum amount of crystals in your bracelet so you can embrace crystal therapy as well as aromatherapy.  


Our Packaging

Breathable. Soft. Reusable. Recyclable.

Natural soft burlap pouches with cotton drawstring protect your crystals in transit & when you are travelling or sleeping. Even our crystal info cards are biodegradable brown recycled card, tied with natural twine. 


Our Lava Stones

Lava Beads

Each of our bracelets are made with lava stones. Yes, it is real lava created from hot molten rock, cooled and shaped to a bead.

Lava is volcanic glass with bubbles created by volcanic gases. its' natural porousness means the rock is surprisingly lightweight and capable of soaking in essential oils. We do not oil our beads. 


We recommend you add a few drops of aromatherapy oil onto your lava beads so you can enjoy beautiful, uplifting or calming scents



Our handmade creations are your opportunity to embrace your best physical, mental, spiritual and metaphysical self


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