Essential Oil Roller

Essential Oil Rollers: 100% Pure and Natural. No GMO's or Synthetics. Not Tested on Animals. Vegan Friendly. Recyclable Packaging. Apply to Crystal Aromatherapy Bracelet into the Lava beads.

How do essential oils work? Let the oil vapors enter through your breathing, now in the lungs they will be carried throughout the body to benefit psychologically and emotionally. When you roll oil onto your Stone Tree Collection Aromatherapy Crystal Bracelet the oils also access your bloodstream directly through the skin, where the molecules affect the limbic system, the brain, affecting emotions, memories, stress levels, hormonal imbalances, bringing you closer to a state of wellness every treatment.

Oil Safety: Never indgest essential oils, not for children under 5 or for pets, use caution if pregnant, breastfeeding, sensitive skin.

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8 of 8 Items