I bought a bracelet from you at the markets at Redcliffe. I am home again in Holland for almost 4 weeks now and still wearing it everyday. Thank you so much, I am still so happy with it. Kind regards, Dominique H. 



5 STAR Emma D. I am completely in love with my new custom bracelets from Stone Tree Collection!!! My bracelets were designed especially for me to help with pain and other ailments. I could not be happier.

5 STAR Tegan M. I bought a Blue Tiger Eye Ring and im absolutely in love with it. Thank you so much.

5 STAR Cindy T. Friendly Beautiful handmade business.

5 STAR Samantha M. Absolutely love both of my bracelets. Quality is Amazing. Very Well Packaged ( love the drawstring bag also) Shipping was speedy!

5 STAR David G R. Reasonable prices and amazing variety of collections. They also go ABOVE + BEYOND with ensuring the product is up to standard! They recently fixed one of my necklaces free of charge which i wasnt expecting. Wonderful. 

5 STAR Samantha M. Amazing customer service, fast turn around for pick up and beautiful products! Was not expecting a little gift in the package as well! Mystery Box was beautiful and perfectly suited to me! Thank you

5 STAR Sheila J. I wear my bracelet for my Arthritis it works well and looks amazing.

5 STAR Brad H. Dom and Amy are Amazing at what they do. Keen eye for detail, Amazing Vibe, and are so lovely to talk with. Look forward to purchasing more things in time with you cool women.

5 STAR Cassie O. Met Amy and Dom at the Tamborine Night Markets, utterly beautiful people and their bracelets are stunning! Best experience i've had for a long time with their range of products and friendly genuine personalities.

5 STAR Ethan S. Super friendly service, super high quality items, professional demeanor..what else could you ask for? :) Will continue to buy from this business, every purchase is such a personal service. 10/10

5 STAR Mariah H. Thank you so much Stone Tree for our incredible bracelets! They are beautiful and you can feel them working. The lava beads hold essential oils as well, we don't take our's off! 10000% Recommend.

5 STAR Debbie J. This is a great small business. They are very polite and friendly. Good Service. I have 2 Bracelets that i wear every day which help me with my mind and body. They are Great. Thank you Dominique.

5 STAR Emily V-C. I absolutely love my bracelet I wear it everywhere, its so comfortable and I would totaly buy another. 

5 STAR Tony F. I found Dom through a friend and I've had Chakra Bracelet made, also a black obsidian bracelet made and recently a turquoise bracelet. Dom has also made my daughter a beautiful bracelet a colourful unicorn bracelet. My son has a nice Amethyst Bracelet custom made. I plan to get more made, I wear them most of the time. I do alot of Mediumship work and Dowsing and i'm starting to get into natural healing with crystals and I love Dom's Crystal Bracelets they are beautiful and i would recommend Stone Tree Collection to EVERYONE.



5 STAR Jackie B. Bought Kunzite Aromatherapy Bracelet 30.1.23

5 STAR Tracey K. Bought Clear Quartz Aromatherapy Bracelet 5.8.21

5 STAR Ethan. Bought Red Jasper Aromatherapy Bracelet 2.8.21

5 STAR Tyson S. Bought Obsidian Aromatherapy Bracelet 2.8.21

5 STAR Ethan. Bought Natural Beeswax Candles - Black 6.6.21

5 STAR Mary B. Bought Amethyst Aromatherapy Bracelet 21.4.21

5 STAR Laura S. Bought Charmed Anklet 5.4.21


GOOGLE Reviews

5 STAR Ashley I purchased a beautifully crafted Golden Obsidian Bracelet from Dominique at the Markets. Her energy is kind and refreshing. My Bracelet is my New Most-Loved piece of jewellery. I am happy to support someone who is very deserving. I will definately be purchasing again in future. Thank you, Dominique.

5 STAR Cameron. Ordered an Amethyst Stone from the Website and it arrived very fast with a beautiful pouch! Also received a little welcome gift for my purchase. Highly Recommend! 

5 STAR Amy M. No Notes

5 STAR Dean M. No Notes


SQUARE Reviews

12.11.22 Customer Service. Environment. Quality. Selection. Wait Time. Very Warming, knowledgable and friendly store owners.

17.9.22 Customer Service, Envirronment, Quality - All GREAT!

9.5.22 Customer Service, Quality, Selection. Always Great service. Friendly and Welcoming. Amazing Products.

1.5.22 Customer Service, Qualitiy, Selection, Wait Time. 

24.2.22 Customer Service. I am very happy with purchase.