Aquamarine Aromatherapy Bracelet

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Product Description

Aquamarine is know for its tranquility and stress relieving properties with a close connection to the water elements, you can see the full range of the oceanic spectrum of  colours. As a calming stone its natural use is to create bliss in your everyday. Aquamarine is most helpful in assisting with those who are trying to conceive, naturally or via IVF processes. A womb that is serene is a womb that is potentially ready to conceive. Aquamarine is intergral part of our Fertility Bracelet. It is a strong crystal, often used during meditation to strengthen your aura while cleansing negative energies from within. We often hold onto negative energies, as opposed to processing them and letting them flow through our bodies. Also a parents best friend, not only can it calm you down, it can shorten severities of unecessary tantrums.

Zodiac: Pisces

Chakra: Throat

Candle colour: Aqua blue

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