Black Obsidian Aromathreapy Bracelet

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Product Description

Obsidian is a strong protection stone. Preventing negative energies from other people and spirits entering your vibe. 

Known as "The Mirror" for it's deep power to bring to the surface your reflections, allowing you to see yourself as you are and to see how far you've already come. Opening up the opportunity for change through personal growth. 

Clearing energy supply for all seven chakras. Helping you identify and unblock any blocked chakra. 

Obsidian can be calming for those experiencing grief. The shiny black reflective surface can help you grasp and feel your emotional trauma, so you can accept and heal. Release and move forward. Forgive yourself.

Physical properties include, pain relief, circulation and assisting ease bowel problems. 

Zodiac: Scorpio

Chakra: Root, All

Mantra: "I can be myself"

Candle Colour: Black, burgundy

Scents: Mint, pine, sandalwood

Vibration: High

Meditate with your bracelet in hand and Clarify your intentions by speaking your desires. Fill your room with your chosen scent & really pull together the perfect meditation environment. You can place your bracelet upon desired chakra whilst lying flat & concentrate on the mantra to inspire wise & positive change in all decisions your make. 

Activate your senses with essential oils for your intended use by placing a few drops onto your lava beads, rub in and let it soak in. Re-apply weekly or more often if you like. Remove by rinsing under running water.

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