Chakra Aromatherapy Bracelet

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Product Description

High energy crystals combined to create the most amazing chakra opening bracelet. The Double Chakra bracelet embraces the 7 chakra energies we hold inside ourselves. It works by bringing chakras that are out of alignment back into alignment. This is a popular bracelet for people who are unsure what they need in their lives or do not have a specific intention or are wanting to boost their chakra energies on a daily basis.

We believe crystals as a healing tool should be used in conjunction with other healing methods. Every bracelet we hand craft comes with natures' own lightweight molten lava stones because we believe in combining a high-quality essential oil treatment with the crystals you wear every day to create a holistic experience. Add your choice of aromatherapy or essential oils for your intended use or choose to use a scent listed above.

All our stones are authentic high quality 8mm in diameter. As stones are naturally occurring each stone will vary slightly in colour, size, shade, shape and pattern, this is not unusual and is to be expected.
Healing crystals should be used to compliment other therapies and not as a replacement for medical care.

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