Lapis Lazuli Awareness Bracelet

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Lapis Lazuli is a stone of Truth, Awareness and Wisdom. Enhancing your ability to connect with and communicate with your divine higher truth. Bring insight and new, positive perspectives to your current situation. Encouraging truth when talking to yourself, acceptance is golden. It is a good stone for practicing taking responsibility for your own actions and getting yourself noticed in a positive way. The Lapis Lazuli stone may help you on your path to self awareness and self expression. Become more aware of your actions and be more receptive to how others communicate with you. Use your creativity to write that inspiring book, finish that spectacular artwork, make that amazing performance, do what you do best with no limits or fears. Wearing Lapis Lazuli is the perfect way to deepen your communications with friends and can help bring new and long term lasting relationships. Known to remedy endocrine and nervous systems, headaches & mirgranes, lymph glands and bone marrow issues.  Can be used to soothe problems with ears and nasal passages. Aids in reducing pain and inflammation, stress and anxiety. It is also beleived to be of assistance to people with Aspergers, ADHD, ADD, OCD.

Chakra: Throat

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