Amy is our Wholesale contact for Crystal Healing Bracelets and Jewellery Australia. Having your own range of Stone Tree Collection Aromathearpy Bracelets may be just what your small business needs. A bright, energetic, healing vibe, packed with information, discounts and recyclable and reusable thick lined Jewellery Bags. If you'd like to fit right in, you can also order our Essential Oil Rollers that compliment purchased Crystal Aromatherapy Bracelets.

Please fill out this form + we will email you our Wholesale Application directly. If successful you will receive a details on accessing Wholesale Ordering with Stone Tree Collection. Minimum order $200  Website Ordering:  If unsure of how to order Online please contact Amy 0402595344, We would rather have a chat with you so we can teach you how to order online accurately for faster checkout in future. All orders are PAYMENT BEFORE PREPARATION. Full payment must be received before order will be created

We are here to Help. Get in touch with Amy 0402595344 Facebook @stonetreecollection Instagram @stonetreecollection