Amethyst Tumbles

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Product Description

Amethyst gives me a spiritual and magical connection directly to myself. Letting me know its okay to use my intuition, in fact it reminds me to use it more often in life. I feel drawn to place this perplexing quartz on my forehead. Esspecially while im sitting at the computer or feeling a headache coming on. When i place Amethyst on my head I feel light, clearing energy dissapate my headache, I can feel the gemstones energy calming my mind. I can feel my forehead relax to resting. It gives me clarity of thoughts, instead of an intense mixture of 50 billion things my brain would like to show me. This makes it easier for me to find signs and connections with the natural world. I sometimes pop my Amethyst under my pillow to get to sleep faster, more peacefully, less restfullness. Amethyst's tranquil energy can also benefit OCD, ADHD, ADD and disorders of the like because its energy is consitent with inner calm and a gentle sense of comfort. Amethyst can also benefit those who fear or the natural dark light the Moon brings. Keep your tumble with you through the day, specifically place it against the body where you need it most, relax and think about your crystal helping you heal your area of concern.

Approx: 25x40x18mm None of our tumbles are perfectly polished you should expect cute imperfections