Crystal Essential Oil Rollers

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Crystal Oil Rollers Are DISCONTINUED to be replaced with our NEW cooling Bamboo oil rollers, still with crystals, still same high quality Essential Oils, all lovingly placed in a New Look Roller. COMING SOON

Remaining stock in Crystal Oil Rollers:

BLACK: Essential Oil Roller with Australian Pink Grapefruit oil promoting Happiness containing Black Obsidian, a stone of Protection from Negativity + Self Reflection. 

PINK: Essential Oil Roller with Rose oil 3% promoting Love, containig Rose Quartz, a stone of Love + Forgiveness.

(SOLD OUT) BLUE: Essential Oil Roller with Eucalyptus, Peppermint + Myrtle oils and promotes Patience, Calm + Breathing, containing Blue Howlite, a stone of Calm Communication. 

GREEN: Essential Oil Roller with Australian Sage oil promoting Wellbeing, containing Green Aventurine is a stone of Confidence + Optimism.

PURPLE: Essential Oil Roller with Lavender Oil promoting Sleep + Calm, containing Amethyst, a stone of Tranquillity + Relaxation.

(SOLD OUT) ORANGE: Essential Oil Roller with Orange, Madarin, Lavender and Bergamot oils promoting Energy, containing Tiger Eye, a stone of Strength + Courage. 

Oil Roller Ingredients: 100% Australian essential oils and fractionated coconut carrier oil. Vegan. Not tested on Animals. Australian Made + Owned Oils

How to Use your Oil Roller: Gently shake, Roll onto black volcanic rock in bracelet, rub in + let dry. Add more or less per preference. Apply twice a day. You may want to wear volcanic rock without oils, the stone still has a strong vital Earth energy with or witout oils.

If you are not enjoying the oils you have placed in your beads, simply run your volcanic rock under the flowing water for a few minutes or until you feel the oil has faded. For best results, wait an hour to place your new scent onto your volcanic rock beads. Please note it is important you are aware if your crystals are water safe before rinsing. See: Care Instructions link on Home page. Stone Tree Collection uses Australain Essential Oil suppliers who prides themselves on Vegan, Natural & Organic, Australian Made & Owned, Cruelty Free, & Quality Assured oils. Our range is based on oil combinations that focus on bringing you closer to your sought after state of mind. These oils are for general use on your volcanic rock jewellery. Please speak with your aromatherapist for specific recommendations. Book a Holistic Counselling Appointment with Dominique to discuss your aromatherapy needs.