Protection Crystal Hanger

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Our Stone Tree Collection Protection Crystal Hanger is made for those seeking protection from negative energy, car safety while easing stress, anxiety, panic attacks and negative, self-harm thoughts. Through the natural healing properties of the following crystals known to support the forementioned instabilities. Clear Quartz, known as the Master Healer, known for clearing negative energy and stimulating the immune system while encouraging New Beginnings every day. Howlite is known to calm the mind, emotions and bring the body to a state of homeostatis (balance). Howlite can bring a deep sense of calm to combat anger provoking situations. Black Tourmaline is known to provide extreme protection from negative energies and emotions and unlike other protection crystals, does not absorb the energy, but returns it to sender, reducing stress, and overwhelming feelings of chaos. Our Holisitic Counseller Approved Protection Hanger may help protect your energy and aura from negative thoughts, perceptions and experiences naturally. 
How to use: Connect clothing, keys, phones, cars, sleeping areas. Remove and Reconnect in any location close to you.