Teething Crystal Hanger

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Save your Baby Teething pain through the natural healing properties of the following crystals. Clear Quartz, known as the Master Healer, known for clearing negative energy and stimulating the immune system. Amethyst is also well known for it's sedative properties, to bring Baby into a space of tranquility, relaxation and rest. Blue Apatite is known to provide strength, stability and support to your and your Baby's Aura. Apatite's physical properties are said to assist with teething, gum pain and bone strength. A powerhouse of Teething Crystals to help releive pain, increase health and sedate naturally. 
How to use: Connect to crib, mobiles, car mounts, mothers clothing, keys, phones, sleeping areas, baby carriers. Remove and Reconnect in any location close to your Baby.
Cautions: Never put crystals in mouths, Never. Never give your Baby the Hanger.